Saturday, 18 January 2014


It's amazing what you can achieve when you're not bothered about who will get the credit!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

That Monty Python Look.

All of those silly old Monty Python blokes at their press conference announcing their comeback show at the O2 looked just like the old women that they used to take the mickey out of on the Monty Python’s Flying Circus TV Show all those years ago.
They have now become the very same establishment that hey once mocked so effectively. Whether or not they are doing it just for the money it’s a big mistake.

Crass Stuff From Ingham!

Bernard Ingham says Northerners who loathe the Tories are ‘demented’.

When a poll revealed that nearly four out of 10 Northerners would never consider voting Tory, Thatcher’s former press supremo Bernard Ingham slammed them as “demented” and conveying “an image of bovine stupidity”.

What a knob! This almost equals the crass stupidity of the Tory Minister who advised people to ‘Fill up a jerry can with petrol and store it in the garage’.  
Just goes to show how out of touch and up their own backsides these ‘Little Rich Boy’ Tories are. ‘Loathe’ is a bit too gentle to describe these dreadful Tory boys and girls.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Conservative Party Deletes Archive of Speeches from Internet

Conservative party deletes archive of speeches from internet

The Guardian and Computer Weekly have revealed that Decade's worth of records is erased, including PM's speech praising internet for making more information available
The Conservatives have removed a decade of speeches from their website and from the main internet library – including one in which David Cameron claimed that being able to search the web would democratise politics by making "more information available to more people".
The party has removed the archive from its public website, erasing records of speeches and press releases from 2000 until May 2010. The effect will be to remove any speeches and articles during the Tories' modernisation period, including its commitment to spend the same as a Labour government.
The Labour MP Sheila Gilmore accused the party of a cynical stunt, adding: "It will take more than David Cameron pressing delete to make people forget about his broken promises and failure to stand up for anyone beyond a privileged few."
I say why would anybody be surprised (or suppressed) by this?
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

It's Too Early For Santa Yet!

Thins seem to be getting out of hand so far as Christmas is concerned.
It's Too Early For Santa Yet!

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Message From Major To Ed!

So the former Tory Prime Minister Sir John Major (the so called Grey Man of politics) has expressed
his shock at the way in which every sphere of modern public life is dominated by a private school-educated elite and well-heeled middle class. He also suggested interest rates should go back to "normal levels of 3% to 5 %" as one way of helping pensioners deal with the recent squeeze on earnings.

So why does it take this old Tory leader to state the obvious? Come on Ed, surely this is what Labour politicians are supposed to be saying! Or are you now a gang of middle class career boys and girls as well?

Friday, 8 November 2013

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